10.1 Easements for Use and Enjoyment.

10.1.1 Every Owner of a Lot shall have a right and easement of ingress and egress, use and enjoyment in and to the Common Areas which shall be appurtenant to and shall pass with the title to each Lot, subject to the following provisions: the right of the Association to charge reasonable fees for the use of any portion of the Common Areas, to limit the number of guests of Lot Owners and tenants who may use the Common Areas, and to provide for the exclusive use and enjoyment of 'specific portions thereof at certain designated times by an Owner, his family, tenants, guests, and invitees; the right Of the Association to suspend the voting rights of an Owner and the right Of an Owner to use certain Common Areas for any period during which any assessment against such Owner's Lot remains unpaid; The right of the Association to borrow money for the purpose of improving the Common Areas, or any portion thereof, or for construction, repairing or improving any facilities located or to be located thereon, and to give as security for the payment Of any such. loan a Mortgage conveying all or any portion of the Common Areas, provided,: however, the lien and encumbrance of any such Mortgage given by the Association shall be .subject and .subordinate to any rights, interests, options, easements and privileges herein: reserved or established; for the :benefit of Declarant, or any Lot or Lot Owner,: or the holder of any Mortgage, irrespective of when executed, given by Declarant or any Lot Owner encumbering any Lot or other property located within the Community; and

10.1.1 4 The right of the Association to dedicate or transfer all or any portion of the Common Areas subject to such conditions as may he agreed to by the members of the Association. No such dedication or transfer shall be effective unless an instrument agreeing to such dedication or transfer has been approved by the affirmative vote of at least seventy-five percent (75%) of the Total Association Vote, provided, however, that during the Development Period, Declarant may, on its sole signature, dedicate or transfer portions of the Common Areas, so long as such transfer or dedication does not materially and adversely affect the Association or any Lot Owner.

10.1.2 Any Lot Owner may delegate such Owners right of use and enjoyment in and to the Common Areas and facilities located thereon to the members of such Owner's family and to such Owner's tenants and guests and shall be deemed to have made a delegation of all such rights to the Occupants of such Owner's Lot, if leased.

10.2 Easements for Utilities. There is hereby reserved to the Declarant, the Association and any utility providers designated by either the Declarant or the Association blanket easements upon, across, above and under all property within the Community for access, ingress, egress, installation, repairing, replacing, and maintaining all utilities serving the Community or any portion thereof, including, but not limited to, gas, water, sanitary, sewer, storm sewer, cable television, telephone and electricity. It shall be expressly permissible for the Declarant, the Association, or the designee of either, as the case may be, to install, repair, replace, and maintain or to authorize the installation, repairing, replacing, and maintaining of such wires, conduits, cables and other equipment related to the providing of any such utility or service. This easement shall be utilized so as to not unreasonably interfere with improvements constructed upon any Lot and the building envelope for any unimproved Lot Should any party furnishing any such utility or service request a specific license or easement by separate recordable document, the Board shall have the right to grant such easement.

10.3 Easement for Maintenance. Declarant hereby expressly reserves a perpetual easement for the benefit of the Association across such portions of the Community, determined in the sole discretion of the Association, as are necessary to allow for the maintenance required under Article 5. Such maintenance shall be performed with a minimum of interference to the quiet enjoyment of Owner's property, reasonable steps shall be taken to protect such property, and damage shall be repaired by the Person causing the damage at its sole expense.

10.4 Easement for Entry Features. If Declarant installs an entry feature, there is hereby reserved to the Declarant and the Association an easement for ingress, egress, installation, construction, landscaping and maintenance of entry features and similar streetscapes for the Community, as more fully described on the recorded subdivision plat for the Community or any other recorded Instrument, easement or conveyance. The easement and right herein reserved shall include the right to cut, remove and plant trees, shrubbery, flowers and other vegetation around such entry features and the right to grade the land under and around such entry features.

10.5 Construction and Sale Period Easement. Notwithstanding any provisions contained in this Declaration, the Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, rules and regulations, design guidelines, and any amendments thereto, so long as Declarant owns any property in the Community for development and/or sale; Declarant reserves an easement across all Community property for Declarant and any builder or developer approved by Declarant to maintain and carry on, upon such portion of the Community as Declarant may reasonably deem necessary, such facilities and. activities as in the sole opinion of Declarant may be required, convenient, or incidental to Declarant’s and such builder's or developer's development, construction, and sales activities related to property described in Article 2 of this Declaration, including, but without limitation: the right of access, ingress and egress for vehicular and pedestrian traffic and construction activities over, under, on or in the Community, including, without limitation, any Lot; the right to tie into any portion of the Community with driveways, parking areas and walkways; the right to tie into and/or otherwise connect and use (without a tap-on or any other fee for so doing); replace, relocate, maintain and repair any device which provides utility or similar services including, without limitation, electrical, telephone, natural gas, water, sewer and drainage lines and facilities constructed or installed in, on, under and/or over the Community, the right to carry on said and promotional activities in the Community; and the right to construct and operate business offices, signs, construction trailers, model residences, and sales offices. Declarant and any such builder or developer may use residences, offices, or other buildings owned or leased by Declarant or such builder or developer as model residences and sales offices. Rights exercised pursuant to such reserved easement shall be exercised with a minimum of interference to the quiet enjoyment of affected property, reasonable steps shall be taken to protect such property, and damage shall be repaired by the Person causing the damage at its sole expense. During the development period, this Section shall not be amended without the Declarant's express written consent.